Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weird Funk + Coursework = No Blog Posts :(

It's been a month since my last post.  I'm very sorry to my few (possibly only) reader that I have been so inconsistent and utterly lazy with my lack of posts and updates.  I have taken pictures and videos I have meant to post, and just never gotten around to it.  I have found myself to be in a weird "funk", if you will, while here.  I love England, and haven't found too much of a culture shock here, and while I'm sure that culture shock is contributing to my odd mood as of late (or at least, I feel like it should be a cause), there are lots of other reasons to my odd mood as well.  For one, my best friend came to visit me from the States for a week, and ever since she left, England hasn't been the same.  After traveling and exploring with her, and having someone that is so easily to get along with, I really miss sharing my experiences with someone who is as excited about traveling and learning about a different culture as I am.  For another reason, I am also growing worried with what to do after I graduate.  I know this is a concerning question for everyone at the end of their college years, and even for a few years after, but the dread of finding a substantial job that can pay for my rent, of working towards a career-oriented job, and facing the bad economy and lack of jobs in the States at the moment, I have a small fear of returning to the U.S.  Not that I don't miss friends and family there, and not that I want to stay in England for forever (I am probably still in a honeymoon faze with this country), but I feel that there is not much back for me in the States...and while that isn't entirely true, the dread I have of facing my future makes me reluctant to go back.

Partly due to this weird funk, I have gotten behind in school work.  I am usually a fairly-hard working student, but while here, I haven't had the motivation I usually find I have with school.  I am still eager to learn, and when in class I appreciate what we are discussing, but outside of class, I don't have the will-power to make myself study instead of hanging out in the kitchen with my flatmates, or avoiding social events to study (which I am more prone to do back home).

So, with being in a weird mood, and always catching up with my schoolwork, I have put this blog as a low priority, for which, I am sorry, both for my readers, but also for myself, for I won't have the best record of my experiences here.

Things you can expect to see, if I ever get to working on and editing them, are a short video tour of my room, a video of the bus ride from the Uni into the city centre, and pictures from my latest travels to London, Cromer, and Amsterdam!  All is to come...hopefully sooner and with more frequency!

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