Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Literary Europe VI - D. H. Lawrence

Wow, am I behind!  Got busy for a few weeks with traveling and my coursework, and now I have so much to update!  Hopefully I can get it done before "midterms" set in....we'll see.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I went to Nottinghamshire to visit D. H. Lawrence's Birthplace Museum, as well as to see some of his early childhood homes.  While there I learned a lot about Lawrence, such as his influences in his writing, and what his childhood was like.  I didn't know what to expect when going to his home town, but everyone at the two museums (the birthplace and the heritage centre) were very helpful and knowledgeable about Lawrence and the time period.  Another nice surprise was the blue line that circled throughout town to all the places D. H. Lawrence lived or wrote about - it ended up being really relaxing and fun to take a leisurely walk and experience some important parts of Lawrence's childhood and the various places that made it into his books.

In my usual fashion, here are some pictures:

Sign leading to Lawrence's birthplace museum.

The sign of the phoenix (Lawrence's personal symbol) can be found almost everywhere.

Heritage Centre with a D. H. Lawrence exhibit.

Cool window shade.

His mum's dresser....if that's the right word...

Lace his mum would sell from the front room of their first house.

Photo of me with a photo cutout of Lawrence's family :)

One of Lawrence's work desks!

His travel trunk!  Even has his initials!

Yup...the phoenix is on their trashcans too...I only hope someday my personal symbol can be on a trashcan ;P
One of his childhood homes (the one with the blue plaque).

Another of his childhood homes.

The pub Lawrence wrote about.

Nottinghamshire overall was cute, but kind of small.  I ended up spending a few hours drinking coffee at a pub because it was the only place open.  I originally planned way too much time for going to the museum and for catching my train.  It probably would have been smarter to go to Nottinghamshire for the afternoon, and then to Nottingham for the evening (or another day altogether).  Overall, I saw what I wanted to see - D. H. Lawrence's birthplace, as well as various places of interest related to him and his novels.

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  1. I love those lace curtains and the trash can that says "Litter"!