Thursday, March 1, 2012

Suffolk Castles Day Trip

My Uni recently planned a trip opportunity for international students to visit two different castles in Suffolk.  It was a short trip, but very relaxing (which is what I needed at the time) and was easy to get to since my University provided a bus.  All in all, a nice, short day out :)

First was Framlingham castle!  It was originally built around 1100 by Roger Bigod, but the remaining walls were built by his grandson, Roger Bigod II around 1177.  

Inside the walls.

Main entrance way.

Castle Inn with the castle in the background.

I thought it was interesting how the spiral column things all varied slightly.

Second was Orford Castle.  It was built by King Henry II between 1165-1173 in order to protect the stretch of nearby coast from invasion, as well as to keep an eye on one of Henry's most troublesome barons - Hugh Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, at Framlingham castle!  Unlike Framlingham, however,  one inside tower of this castle remains, but the outer walls are gone.

Walk up to the castle.

Narrow stone hallways.

View from inside :)

Suit of armor...makes me feel like such a tourist!
Spiral staircase - thin narrow steps that are hard to climb in the dark - got to love old architecture!

At the top...

...and the view is gorgeous!

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  1. So pretty! I love seeing all the old buildings... and all the pretty views. And the snow! And the armor is cool, even if it is touristy.