Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Week

Well, I definitely haven't been updating this as much as I should.  Sorry about that for any of you reading who might be interested.  I figured I'd do a quick update now, but do a real post in a few days.

The University hasn't given us much time to do our own things.  There were lots of events and introductions to the Uni, so much so that it was hard to get basic shopping for my flat done (in fact I still need to go grocery shopping...)  It's been good they have so many events, as ti's definitely helped to keep me from feeling too homesick, but it's also been frustrating to be unable to do things on my own/for myself.

On the topic of homesickness and culture shock...haven't had too much of it yet.  I find the differences more interesting than anything else, though I have been homesick for a few things...friends and family, obviously.  And my wide collection of shoes I have back home that I couldn't pack with me.  I don't miss the food back home, but I'm also a bit tired of the food on campus....again, I need to grocery shop so I can eat more of what I want to eat.

Most of everyone I've met has been very friendly, eager to hang out.  The freshers and other international kids in my flat are very nice, which is good.

I don't love how hot it is here at the moment...I know I'll soon regret saying this, especially when it is raining and snowing all the time, but I did not bring any summer clothes, so the heat (esp. in my flat) has been almost unbearable...but I just tell myself it's nothing like Southern California.

As for lectures and classes, I've only have one so far.  And it was very, very intimidating.  It is Early Medieval European History...which I know basically nothing about.  We're covering the late 200s to the 900s...and as I am not a history person, and I am in a class with lots of history majors...it will be a very long term for me!  I already feel behind on my reading as I know I will get loads more (especially from my Lit class tomorrow), and I wonder if I will ever be able to be as social as I hoped to be.  Right now this semester seems like it'll be spent at my desk or in the library.  Hopefully I can find a decent balance.  (I'm also hoping that I'll be able to focus more once my room/the temperature calms down....but again, we'll see).

I know I should have updated this sooner, and I feel as though I'm missing out on capturing and remembering all the experiences I've had thus far, but I've just felt so busy, and when I have time I feel tired or lazy (like right now, though I am forcing myself to type this up!).  Hopefully I will find a groove I can fit into and go with before too long.  (And hopefully I don't fail my history class!)

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