Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I made it!!!

So, after almost 2 days of traveling, I have finally made it to England!!!  And it was no easy feat...well it was, thanks to modern technology, and being able to travel in 2 days instead of 2 months or so, but I did have a few problems of my own, especially with my luggage.  For any of you who don't know, I'm diabetic, and thus require a lot of medication to go away to live for the year.  (I don't even have enough for the year), but when I say a lot, I mean A LOT.  One of my carry-ons was dedicated to medication, with the occasional random small electronic item crammed in-between it all.  I had a lot of trouble fitting this bag into the overhead bins as all my medication, plus some of the papers I needed made the bag just too tall to fit into the bins.  Luckily, one of the nicer flight attendants gave me a plastic bag to alleviate space which helped with my dilemma.  Flying with so many meds. was still nerve-racking nonetheless (especially when your life depends upon safely transporting all you can carry).  Anyway, as stressful and difficult it was to fit the required bag sizes, my medications and luggage made it safe and sound!

Now to this beautiful country!  England - at least, based upon the view from the plane ride and what little I have seen of the town I am in - is gorgeous.  This town is so quaint, and picturesque.  The houses look adorable, most made of brick.  And the land is so green!  Being from CA (especially the desert that is Southern CA) I'm used to brown grass, brown hills, brown everything that is foliage.  Even in the winter, it gets a decent shade of green for about a month - then starts its browning phase again.  The green here is such a deep, rich color.  I don't know if I've seen anything like it in person before.  Another thing I noticed was the smell - cow shit.  And I don't mean this in a negative way.  The scent here, in the slightly humid air, is almost a nice characteristic, adding a new flavor to the air to mix in with the smell of fires in fireplaces at night :)  ...Then again, perhaps I'm biased because I'm used to (once again, SoCal) where you drive along the highway, and it smells like the (smoggy but) warm, California air and then WHAM! : Cow Shit.  Here it does not override any original smells, nor does it just completely choke out any fresh air for miles around.  In a very odd way, it's kind of endearing.  Though I'm sure I'm also just in love with the new & the different.

That's it for the moment I guess...I should be off, re-packing and showering before I move in to my dorm tomorrow (I'm staying at a hotel for the night.)  I will update once I get situated into my room...or until something exciting happens.  'Til then :)

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