Monday, April 23, 2012

Bath, UK - A Very Quick Trip

While in England, I visited one of my father's business friends for a weekend.  He was kind enough to drive me to Bath for a quick, afternoon trip.  While there, we saw the Roman Bath house (as well as a lot of great Georgian Architecture!)

And let the photos commence!

The cathedral.

Inside the Roman Bath House...had actors and actresses in Roman costume as well!

Metal curses - if someone stole something, or offended someone, some people wrote a curse against them and threw the curses into the baths, hoping they would come true.

At one of the inside baths.

View of the baths and the cathedral.

A random, but cute street :)

More Georgian Architecture (I think...)

A short, but great trip full of beautiful buildings and a historical lesson on the Roman Bath house in Bath!


  1. How exciting - is like a Jane Austen novel - traveling around meeting people and going on a trip to Beth! Also, love the photos - so much pretty!

  2. Hehehe, you wrote my name instead of Bath....sorry, had to giggle about this.