Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Norway!!! Part I - Lillehammer

I finally made it to Norway!  And my trip was amazing - full of a great mix of relaxation and touristy stuff.  I would really love to go back again (which I might do in the coming months....depending on how my travel budget is doing!).  I found the city of Oslo to be lovely and, although not usually described as "pretty" (which was the only word I could find to describe it the entire week I was there, leaving many Norwegians perplexed at my description), in hindsight, I think it could better be described as having a charm of its own, and being a sort of "diamond in the rough".  It didn't feel like any other city I've been to in Europe.  It wasn't super European, super touristy, or Americanized (though it did have European and "American" feeling features) it was just, different, which is what I really needed.  I also went to Lillehammer for a few days while I was there, which was very quaint, kind of a cute posh ski town.  It is famous for holding the 1994 Winter Olympics, and the Olympic ski slope is still there.

As this post is so late (I took the trip in February, and it is now April...oh dear) I will just add some photos to explain my trip, as a visual essay will be more fun and entertaining than a written one of me rambling and trying to remember what to say.... I will also split up the posts between the two cities I saw in Norway, since I have so many photos.

First up - Lillehammer!

Mostly famous for holding the 94' (I think) Winter Olympics, Lillehammer is a nice ski town, with cute houses.  It has a suburban feel, but is set in a gorgeous mountainside. 

My friend's mom's house that we stayed at in Lillehammer :)
Plant used to celebrate their version of Carnival

My awesome friend Ingrid!

Food!!!  Definitely ate very well while in Norway :)

The sausages were especially good as well.
Traditional Norwegian dresses

And this version is for the guys...it looks so snazzi!

Sign for the Olympics (I think this is the hospital though...could be wrong).

Sign pointing towards the Olympic Ski Park.

Old wooden Norwegian houses!  Most are from around the 1600/1700s if I remember correctly, though a few were even older!

Inside an old Norwegian house!

Norwegian sign for one of their famous brands of chocolate.

Clever use of skis.

The big ski jump.  (I think this is the Olympic one.)
View from below.

Skiing for my first time!  Can't believe it was in Norway!  (I went cross-country skiing, didn't feel ready for downhill yet!)

Cafe where we went skiing :)

Heart shaped waffles!  Apparently these weren't the best as far as taste, but they sure where cute!

Sorry if this post was a bit sporadic...kind of have a lot on my plate right now.  I guess it's true when they say that it rains, it pours.  (Which is quite funny because today is becoming a busy day, and it is raining heavily in my part of England!) 

Anyway, be sure to look out for pictures from Oslo coming soon!!!

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