Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Windsor Castle

My University offered a day trip to Windsor Castle - it was quite pricey, and a long days journey from our Uni, but totally worth it!  The castle did feel a bit like an amusement park (mostly because the pavement walking up was new, and the whole place reminded me of Disneyland) but it was very pretty.  It was also huge - I only saw a small part of it, of what they let the public see, but it was very grand and (obviously) had a lot of history.  Also the Queen was in residence the day we went!  (As you can see in the image below - the flag is up and out!)

Unfortunately, like most places, they don't allow photography inside, but I do have pictures of the outside!

Windsor Castle

Flag = Queen!  But, no, I did not see her.  (Unlike everyone else on the bus, I knew she wasn't an attraction feature at the castle, haha.)

And this is where I really felt like I was at Disneyland!  The street is made of materials that are too recent and don't fit the castle!

Going into the town of Windsor.

The Crooked House - unfortunately there wasn't enough available seating for us to eat inside :/

The walk back up to our bus.  It is kind of nice how the castle is placed at the top of the hill, and how town leads into it.  Very picturesque, and "feels" how a town with a castle should feel, if you know what I mean...

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  1. Very pretty, and cool that you were so close to the Queen!

    The last pictures of the city make me think of fantasy books - where the castle is in the center on a hill and all the city spreads out around it... very cool.