Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cromer, UK

Cromer is a little beach/coastal town in England, very close to Norwich.  Back in October one of my flatmates took my friend (who was visiting me from the States) and I to it for a half a day.  Unlike the lazy beach days I am used to in (Southern) California, our "day at the beach" turned into a hike, first along the sand, and then up a steep hill and along the cliffs, back into the main part of town.  Since my friend and I are both retired skaters - retired, being the key word in that sentence - we were very out of shape, and often found ourselves panting as we made our way up the hills.  However, despite being out of shape, it was a great walk to take.  The beach was beautiful, and the weather in October was chilly compared to the beaches I am used to (though I honestly prefer cold beaches to Southern California's warm, touristy ones), but it wasn't too cold to be un-enjoyable.

(Beach towns are also supposed to be some of the best places to get fish and chips.  I had a really good one here, but I'd still say the best fish 'n chips I've had so far was at the Eagle pub in Cambridge.)

The Pier.
Old cathedral.


The water is so much bluer's not all brown and polluted.

Beach huts.

Halfway up the hill we climbed.

As an American I find this funny...though lots of the houses here in England have names rather than/along with numbers.

Light House.

Heading back to the Pier.

A game of cricket!

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