Friday, January 20, 2012

Video Diaries II - Notre Dame (Paris)

Thought I'd try my hand filming again while I was in Paris.  This video is one of the outside of Notre Dame.  As with the Spain videos, this one is jumpy in what I focus on and show...also, the genius in me (used to cameras) thought I would use the long, thin movie format to my advantage, and try to show as much of the architecture as I could...unfortunately, that means that the angle and what is "right-side-up" please, forgive me.

I took a second video of the inside of Notre Dame, walking down the main aisle, but Blogspot will not let me upload it.  That was probably the more interesting of the two videos, but even when I try uploading it to a seperate post, it won't let it start the upload.  I apologize for my technical difficulties.  Hopefully it will work later.

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