Monday, January 23, 2012

Southampton, UK

Just before the Spring Term started, a friend and I went to stay with one my of flatmate's at his family's home in Ramsey, near Southampton.  While there we saw Southampton, Winchester, Salisbury, and Ramsey.  He showed us around his home town, and we also made a side trip out to Stonehenge as it was relatively close, and is much easier to get to by car than by public transportation.

Book sale.

Winchester Cathedral.  Didn't go inside as it cost money, but I think this might be where Jane Austen is buried.
They have a lot more WWI & II memorials in England.  When I asked my friend about this, he said it's because they are mostly funded by each town or city for the specific regiment that came from there.

Walking up to the Great Hall.
The Great Hall
Arthur & his knights of the Round Table.

Where we had lunch - I definitely appreciated the name.

Salisbury Cathedral.

Sorry for the blur.

Again, more dedications to WWI & II (though this one might just be WWII).
Old buildings!
A different cathedral...sadly I can't remember it's name.

Stonehenge.  I honestly didn't plan on seeing it as I heard that trying to find a decent way to get there by train and bus was ridiculous.  But now that I've gone, I'm glad I went.

Though going at Sunset definitely helped the experience!

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  1. So pretty! Stonehenge is cool! And that fountain is crazy looking. So much detail in European architecture... sigh.